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Wildlife Control

Wildlife Removal & Exclusion Why animals seek shelter and what we can do to help: Exclusion The first step to any wildlife problem inside your home or business is taking the necessary steps to exclude the rodents. Sealing entry points such as cracks, holes, vents, or chimney caps. Our team can seal all points using […]

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Bats In The Attic

Bats in the Attic in Danbury, CT Why bats choose attics, what to look for, and what to do. Why Do Bats Enter Your Attic? Bats love attics because they provide shelter from the elements, and humans rarely spend time there.  The warm, quiet and dark space makes an attic the ideal place to set

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Wildlife Services – Rodent Removal & Exclusion

Miscellaneous Rodent Services Removal / Exclusion If you have a wildlife issue and you’re looking for the best solution, then look no further than American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services. We are a licensed company that has been providing humane and experienced wildlife control services since 1971. We specialize in prevention, removal, trapping, relocation, and control of

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