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We specialize in humane, environmentally sound methods of removing nuisance wildlife from your home.

Of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, snakes bear a heavy burden of dislike and superstition. Fact is, snakes of the non-venomous type are beautiful in color and pattern, and perform a host of great services to homeowners by controlling mice and insects. Of the 130 species found within the borders of the United States, only four types of venomous. The remaining balance of the snakes is no more harmful than any other small woodland or field creature. For residence of the Northeast, snake concerns revolve around issues where they may find their way into building foundations or under garage doors. These occurrences are easily preventable by providing exclusion work whereby the building is permanently sealed against their entry.

Signs You May Have a Snake

Here are a few common signs you may have an snake problem in your home or property.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call us. We will evaluate your home and give you 2 options to remedy the situation: Snake Removal, and Snake Exclusion. 

Many times snakes may be found sunning themselves on the steps or patio, which may be startling, but once they are aware of your presence they will disappear back into the stone walls or shrubbery. Water snakes can be troublesome when they invade swimming pools or hot tubs, and at times can seem aggressive.

When snakes do become an issue they can be simply removed from the environment and transported to state forest and released. If you should have any concerns regarding snakes please feel free to call this office to discuss as we have an abundance of experience.

“Dear Mr. Boone—Thank you for the wonderful job done by your team at our house. The entire team worked hard and delivered good results. I especially want to congratulate you on your employee, Dylan. Dylan is absolutely the best customer service person I have ever had in the Roxbury/Litchfield County area. You are fortunate to have him represent you and your customers are fortunate to have him deliver the best service possible. Thank you again!”
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