Bat Removal and Exclusion Services

Removal / Exclusion

We specialize in humane, environmentally sound methods of removing bats from your home.

Bats harbor a number of infectious diseases as well as a host of ectoparasites such as lice, mites, fleas, and bedbugs. Major diseases include rabies and histoplasmosis, a blood infection transmitted through spores in the guano (bat feces). In addition to the immediate health threat to the family, allowing bats to colonize in the attic areas greatly diminishes the resale value of your property. Allowed to go unchecked, the situation will worsen as bats will continue to multiply and compromise the insulation and ceiling board. Bats that are excluded from the structure will undoubtedly relocate to another structure in the close vicinity.

Signs You May Have Bats

Here are a few common signs you may have a bat problem in your home.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call us. We will evaluate your home and give you 2 options to remedy the situation: Bat Removal, and Bat Exclusion. 

Bats tend to enter the upper areas of your home’s roofline and require an opening of only 3/8 to ¼ inch, in order to enter a structure. Most homes are extremely vulnerable to colonizing bats, and this is where our years of experience and attention to vital details makes the difference. This is why we stand by our workmanship and provide an unprecedented 20 year warranty on materials and labor. The process by which bats are permanently removed from a structure involves careful inspection of the entire skin of the house. Areas which are accessible to bats are identified and sealed permanently and cosmetically.

Areas or points of entry, where bats are currently gaining access and egress, will be outfitted with a temporary exclusion device. This humane device will allow the animals to exit the structure and prevent them from re-entering. As bats live 20-25 years they will continually return (multiple times during their lifetime) to their old roosting site and explore possible points of entry. This is why it is imperative that every aspect of sealing a structure is completed in a professional manner with materials which are compatible to the home’s exterior and allow for normal venting.
"They are experts and clearly identified the problems and the solutions. They answered every question and gave me an education on bats. They were prompt and cleaned up. I would recommend them for anyone needing help with bat removal.”
Nancy D.

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