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Removal / Exclusion

We specialize in humane, environmentally sound methods of removing nuisance wildlife from your home.

Squirrel removal and exclusion in Connecticut is the most common problem faced by home owners. They include the gray squirrel, red squirrel, and flying squirrel. These are all cavity nesting animals taking advantage of an endless number of homes to spend the winter in. Once a squirrel gnaws its way into a structure they quickly develop a strong sense of site tendency, keeping them inside

Signs You May Have Squirrels

Here are a few common signs you may have a squirrel problem in your home.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call us. We will evaluate your home and give you 2 options to remedy the situation: Squirrel Removal, and Squirrel Exclusion. 

Despite your best efforts to discourage them. Once inside, they will do a great amount of damage to the insulation and softer wood trim.

If the squirrels are allowed to go unabated, they will negate the insulating factor of the insulation, and possibly destroy electrical wiring in the attic areas.

We had pesky red squirrels in our attic for months, American Bio-Tech came a trapped the squirrels with in hours. Sadly American Bio-Tech was the 4th company we had for our squirrel issue, the first 2 misdiagnosed the problem, the 3rd never showed to do the work. My only regret is not calling them sooner. Dylan was great diagnosing the problem. Dustin went above and beyond when setting the traps, removing and sealing. Great overall experience.
Danielle Dooper

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