Specializing In Humane Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Control in Greater Fairfield, Litchfields & New Haven Counties

We take great pride in our work and are extremely mindful of your home and gardens. We make sure the job is not only complete, but environmentally sound and appealing. Specializing in the removal of bats and rodents from structures, we utilize time-proven techniques to permanently and cosmetically seal a structure so you will never have to worry again.

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Removal / Exclusion

Bat’s are our specialty. We cover areas or points of entry, where bats are currently gaining access and egress, will be outfitted with a temporary exclusion device. This humane device will allow the animals to exit the structure and prevent them from re-entering.


Removal / Exclusion

Raccoons eat everything, including your insulation and ceiling boards. Before attempting repair to the areas where the animals are entering, the raccoons must be humanely live trapped and removed from the site.


Removal / Exclusion

Skunks are usually found under porches or decks. They dig for grubs and earthworms, ultimately destroying your yard. Once we catch these pesky critters, ur company uses proven methods of exclusion work and removal of foul odors.


Removal / Exclusion

Squirrels are the most common problem in most homes in United States. Gray, red, and flying squirrels use our attics and dens for warm shelter in the winter, but they do a lot of damage once inside.


Removal / Exclusion

Although most CT snakes are non-venomous, people still have disdain for them. These beautiful creatures deal with mice for us, but can startle us with their presence. If you see an agitated snake, give us a call!


Removal / Exclusion

Woodchucks belong to the rodent family, and usually stay away from people. However, Woodchucks burrow in your yard, or can destroy your garden in hours. 



We have a staff full of experienced craftsmen, ready to tackle any repair. We specialize in repairs to roofs or vents, attic restoration, removal and addition of insulation and cleaning!

Chimney Capping


The best way to protect your attic is to install chimney capping. Our team does it all, from weather damage prevention and wildlife removal.

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