Bat Exclusion Services

American Bio-Tech uses low profile, but effective ways of keeping bats outside.

We specialize in humane, environmentally sound methods of excluding bats from your home.

To ensure long-term bat prevention, we will implement bat-proofing measures such as sealing gaps, cracks, and other potential entry points. We use high-quality materials that are durable and designed to withstand bat attempts to re-enter your property. Our one way valve allows for bats their way out, but they get stuck and can’t come back inside once they leave.

Exclusion Done Safely

We only use the most humane methods of bat exclusion.

Areas or points of entry, where bats are currently gaining access and egress, will be outfitted with a temporary exclusion device. This humane device will allow the animals to exit the structure and prevent them from re-entering. As bats live 20-25 years they will continually return (multiple times during their lifetime) to their old roosting site and explore possible points of entry. This is why it is imperative that every aspect of sealing a structure is completed in a professional manner with materials which are compatible to the home’s exterior and allow for normal venting.
"They are experts and clearly identified the problems and the solutions. They answered every question and gave me an education on bats. They were prompt and cleaned up. I would recommend them for anyone needing help with bat removal.”
Nancy D.

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